Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads with College Funding.
College Funding Program produces annuity leads and insurance leads.
Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads that Produce 80% Closing Ratios
Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads

Sell 8 out of every 10 Prospects. Say goodbye to cold-calling and bruising your knuckles knocking on doors, and welcome to the greatest insurance lead system yet devised to acquire customers for Insurance and Annuity sales. American College Funding was originally founded by an insurance agency specializing in life insurance, annuity, and LTCi products.

For years we bought insurance leads from lead companies. Over the last few years these leads gradually quit working. It didn't matter how much we spent—the leads just didn't work anymore. Purchased insurance leads had become too expensive, poor quality, and almost worthless. We use to spend thousands on annuity dinner seminars that at one time produced sales. Now seminars were netting next to nothing to show for our efforts. Normal insurance leads and annuity leads that use to produce business just weren't working anymore. There had to be a better way.

College tuition costs today are $20,000 to $30,000 per year and up. College tuition is increasing annually at a rate about twice that of inflation.

Parents of college bound high school students are facing a financial crises. How do they pay for 4-years of college expenses of $80,000 to $120,000?

The choices for parents seem grim indeed. They can either borrow the cost of attendance and accumulate a lot of debt or spend their savings and retirement funds.

A better option is for parents and students to get professional guidance from an American College Funding Advisor on how best to reposition their assets so they qualify for the maximum federal and state aid, and collegiate scholarship dollars.

We Discovered a Whole Different Way of Doing Business

In our search for a new source of quality insurance leads we discovered the dilemma Parents of High School students faced paying for ever increasing college tuition costs.

We found that we could help those Parents pay for college by repositioning their assets to qualify for more federal, state, and collegiate aid dollars with certain life insurance products and annuities.

Amazingly, this category of Prospects that were previously unwilling or reluctant to talk to us about life insurance, annuities, and LTCi, became exuberant and anxious to visit with us about saving them thousands on their college expenses. They were all qualified insurance leads.

FREE Book: Earn An Extra $10,000 Monthly

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Our Insurance Sales Doubled, then Tripled, and Quadrupled

Prospects actually initiate calls to make appointments to meet with us in our office. They gleefully provide us with their IRS 1040s, insurance policies, along with details about their savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, and 401Ks. And they even pay us an upfront fee to sell them insurance products and annuities.

Program for generating Insurance leads and Annuity leads for Insurance agents.
Charge an Upfront Advisor Fee of $695
We now charge and get an upfront fee to review a Client's life insurance and other financial information so we can "advise" them how best to position their assets to qualify for maximum college aid and guide them through the aid process. Additionally, we collect very nice commissions on the resulting annuity, life insurance, and LTC sales with the ACF insurance lead and annuity lead generating program.
Qualified Insurance Leads

It is the best insurance lead and annuity lead system available. It is a complete training and support system for insurance agents to learn the basics about how College Funding works, and how to reposition client’s assets to obtain the maximum college aid and minimize out of pocket costs for their clients.

Training and marketing concepts are clearly structured in an easy-learn format with a PowerPoint® slide presentation designed by top graphic artists. Upon completion of the course you are granted the title of ACFA Certified Advisor.

Think of the possibilities. What if you charged $695 (some Advisors charge $895 and up) as an upfront fee to "review" a Prospect's life insurance policies, savings accounts, and CDs, and produced an average of $2,000 (normally $3,700 per client is about average) on the backend (life and annuity commissions), and made only one sale a week (four sales monthly) that could net you an additional $10,000 a month over your current business?

According to "New Insurance Agent Selling" American College Funding is the best system for generating qualified insurance leads and annuity leads. "It is the premier insurance lead system for financial sales."

It is the easiest and most cost effective system to generate insurance leads and annuity leads.

The ACF system is unlike any other college funding program. It is a complete and total solution, not a partial one like so many of the other college funding programs.

The AFC program guides the Advisor every step of the way through marketing, business generation, computation of the EFC, and FAFSA processing without the Advisor having to get deeply involved in these tedious and time consuming tasks. It couldn’t be any easier for the Advisor.

We take the paperwork load from the Advisor so that he can concentrate on selling insurance products.


Complete Insurance Lead Producing System
The core of the program consists of a proprietary software system that was developed exclusively for American College Funding to generate Insurance Leads. The program includes the ACFA certification, CollegePro

software, step-by-step training manual, slide presentation, scripts, and the complete marketing materials package for a fraction of what you'll pay for other similar systems. Also, the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) computation and the Federal FAFSA processing and filing services are available to Advisors that prefer not to have to spend time with these tedious processes. ACF can manage these for you so that you can spend your time selling Insurance and Annuities.

We have researched every college funding program available and found none that compared regardless of price. The American College Funding insurance lead system is simply the best. It has more features, manages the tedious details of the FAFSA aid process, and out performs all the rest.

CollegePro Software creates insurance leads and annuity leads.
Insurance Agents Comments

“Best investment I’ve ever made. I use to pay $25 for a life insurance lead and normally had only about a 20% closing ratio. Now I pay nothing for a qualified insurance lead and average an unbelievable 80% closing ratio. An average sale nets me about $3,000 in commission”—J.Crawford

"I didn’t believe it at first—it is like magic. My clients gladly give me all their personal information about their incomes, 1040s, CDs, savings, insurance policies, and more information than you can imagine. I know exactly where all their cash is stored without having to probe and prod. Why do they? I have the solution to their dilemma. How are they going to get their child through college without going broke? The American College Funding insurance lead system works.”—D. Pate
"Thanks for a simple insurance lead system for generating quality insurance leads and referrals. My sales are up over 300% in just the last 90 days.”—B. Gonzales
"I use to get my insurance leads and annuity leads using seminars featuring free dinners that usually cost me $3,000 per seminar and more. Seminars have been overused and overworked. The only people I get at my seminars today are “plate-lickers”. They come, eat the free food, and wait for the next invitation for a free meal to arrive in the mail. Now, I target a different group. I don’t feed them, and I don’t invite them to a seminar. I conduct workshops that cost me as little as $25. The college funding system is superb for generating insurance leads. Thanks.”—B. Gebhart

Certified College Funding Advisor

Our sales shifted into hyper-drive when we developed and started using the American College Funding (ACF) insurance lead program and the ACF Advisor designation. Clients begin viewing us quite differently. We were now viewed as "professionals". No longer were we "just" another insurance agent. Our stature rose from being seen by the Prospect as simply another insurance agent to one of "Trusted Advisor". The transformation was nearly miraculous. Almost immediately our insurance sales doubled—tripled—then quadrupled.

Qualified Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads

The American College Funding training course and CollegePro software demystifies the college aid application process, maximizes federal aid and grants that students receive, and creates the aura for the agent of a trusted advisor in the eyes of their clients. You will earn the professional designation of ACFA—American College Funding Advisor.

The system empowers the insurance agent with the equivalent of many years of experience in college funding techniques in a very short time span.

You can become a college funding wizard in a week or less and learn the “secrets of the trade” even unknown by many college financial administrators and college funding professionals.

College Funding Advisor program creates Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads for Insurance agents.
Create Quality Insurance Leads

Insurance lead systems that once worked just don't work anymore. This is due to two factors. (1) The Consumer has become hardened by the onslaught of run-of-the-mill insurance marketing techniques. (2) Insurance lead production costs have skyrocketed, so lead companies have cut back on lead quality to fill their lead orders.

Have you purchased a standard 1,000 piece "mail-out" lead package lately? What was your return rate—about 1 to 2% or even less? Were the leads really worth the $400 to $600 you paid for the mail-out? Have you bought Internet leads or individual leads this year at $12 to $50 each for insurance leads and $50 to $125 for annuity leads? The average close rate on "quality" leads historically was 30%. Today, it is averaging closer to 10% or even less.

Annuity and Senior Wealth type Seminars at one time produced tons of quality prospects that netted tens of thousands in commissions. The cost today is $3,000 to $5,000 to hold a Dinner type Seminar. Most agents today consider a "break-even" on their Seminars a success, if they earn $3,500 in commissions.

A cross-section of agents we have visited with have told us that they have spent so much money on bad leads and ineffective dinner Seminars this year that they are suffering financially.

If you are one of those agents then take heart. Your fortunes are about to change for the better. Now, imagine a system where prospects attend a Workshop at a public library (no dinner or food served) and 50% to 80% made first appointments with you, and you closed 80% of these appointments.

CollegePro Software

CollegePro makes collecting data for EFC profiles and FAFSA filings quick and painless. It is a powerful database that can create client and prospect files, generate and track leads, send email, control back-in sales details. CollegePro manages the complete college funding planning process.

CollegePro was created for those of us that do not have nor want a PhD in computer science. It was designed especially for Insurance agents to do what they do best—sell insurance products.

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Workshop Presentation
Whether you choose to conduct group or individual Workshops the ACF Workshop series is designed by insurance agents, college funding advisors, and graphic artists so that your prospects see you as an expert with an immediate need for your services. It is carefully crafted and honed to build trust and close sales.
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